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Evolved Perspective

Evolved Perspective is a destination AND a process. It’s a way of looking at the world in an unexpected way. An evolved perspective is what happens when you allow your preconceived ideas and comfort zone to be challenged. Something new can be born. Something unexpected may be seen, felt, experienced—something new or something old made new.

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This website is a showcase for that contemplative shift by people in the left brain heavy healthcare professions.

How does a physician act with robotic accuracy in the face of disaster, pain and disfigurement and not tap into emotion? How does a veterinarian navigate the tide of revered and discarded pets? How does a nurse speak out with rage to inspire the wounded?

Physicians, nurses, and veterinarians are expected to know and act unfettered by emotion but be driven by compassion. The Art of Medicine is not easily defined—or practiced.

We don’t speak for all in our professions. We want to share our evolving perspectives through creative writing.  Here’s a glimpse into the what the people you trust your health to care about, think about and wish for. There’s more to the white coat than you know.

Come journey with us as we shift from our left to right-brain and explore our creative sides.  Catch a glimpse of what doctors really feel, what nurses really think and what veterinarians really would like us to know about what our relationships with pets tell us about ourselves.