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NaNoWriMo Soundtracks

Music Playlists: Rock Your Novel to a Beat Is your National Novel Writing Month story epic? Does the hero storm the castle, talisman in hand, lessons learned with an absolute resolve to do or die? Did you hear that? There, in the background. That’s your novel’s soundtrack. What music is playing? Music makes my heart pound and my imagination sour. I know some people find it distracting. Maybe, they just can’t write to music. Maybe, they have never found music that fits the mood their writing calls…

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cambria walkway

Let’s Tell A Story

Imagine, if you dare, a doctor’s scrawl across the back of discarded scrap paper. This is my free-writing process. My words tilt this angle and that. Some words are circled. Some encased in rectangles. Lines connect and weave. A crawl of letters frame the edge is places. In others, they J-walk across the page and insinuating themselves into some bit of intrigue. I’d love to claim this makes sense to me. But it doesn’t. I’d love to say this is a mind-map, a map of…

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