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Nanowrimo 2015 – Day 22 Visiting Ghosts Of Nano Past

At 46,000 words my 50,000-word victory is within reach. Learning how to write in spite of my right wrist fracture has made me rather reflective. What is so important about Nanowrimo that I would work so hard to succeed in spite of the obstacles at hand (pun intended)?

Day 21 progress
My Day 21 progress

National Novel Writing Month has come to mean a great deal to many people. Participation has grown from 21 to over 400,000 since its 1999 beginnings in Oakland, California.

Up Bubbles Something Wonderful

Its creator, Chris Baty, describes its origins in this YouTube talk given in 2014 at Google, here. A group effort with 20 of his friends morphed from a fun group event, fueled by coffee and fear of being the first to quit into something rather special by week three.  Writing unlocked fantastic stuff you didn’t know you possessed.

A Great Idea Ignites

1999 started with  21 and grew to 14,000 in three years. My first year, 2012, I joined 300,000 other participants. 2014 saw over 400,000. That’s an awfully big party.

From Isolation To Belonging

Comunity happens. The writer as secluded misfit becomes a group of cafe crazed word-jockeys linked by a single goal.  The writer becomes protagonist in his own   Hero’s Journey. How epic!

Chris’ great lessons from Nanowrimo
  1. It lowers your expectations about writing. The focus on word count removes greatness from possibility. The beauty of a first draft can be all yours. He offers this quote “you can revise a bad book into a great book, but you can’t revise a blank page into anything but a blank page.”
  2. It builds your writing momentum. Writing so much so quickly ignites your engines. Remember Newton’s Law that says that “an object in motion tends to stay in motion and an object at rest tends to stay at rest”? The power of your immersion into the story  allows adept of understanding of the characters and plot such that new ideas flow fourth with ease that would otherwise be unlikely to car.







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