Nanowrimo 2015 – Day 19 Dictation show and tell

I’m still working out the bugs of my dictation set up,  but I can at least show you my toolbox.

Dragon Dictate for Mac
Dragon for Mac, version 5

Dragon for the Macintosh OS version 5 is my go-to dictation program. Created by Nuance, the Macintosh version has some significant differences from the original PC versions. Still, it is head and shoulders above the built-in Mac OS dictate application and gets better the more you use it. I bought mine directly from Nuance for $149.


For instance, yesterday’s blog I used the built-in Mac OS dictate and had to do a significant amount of line by line editing.  This post was dictated entirely with Dragon for Mac, and I’d say the amount of editing I have to do is only a few characters per paragraph.

For ease of editing, the Apple trackpad to the right makes for quick cursor manipulation without the mouse-driven need to use the wrist.

Apple Bluetooth keyboard, trackpad and magic wand
Apple Bluetooth keyboard, trackpad and magic wand

You’ll see that the Apple Bluetooth keyboard is linked to the trackpad with a device called the Magic Wand, by TwelveSouth.  The main part of the Magic Wand is a semicircular channel that connects the Keyboard and Trackpad’s two rear battery containing tubes. Then a connector slides between keyboard and trackpad reducing any movement.  The trackpad can fit on the right side or the left, an adjustment that’s quite easy to change, as is its removal to replace batteries.

For on-the-go dictation, I’m trying out my Sony digital recorder.  I own a Sony PX-333,  a mid-priced recorder that works well with Dragon Dictate.  I purchased mine on Amazon for $50  about four months ago.

Sony PX333 digital recorder
Sony PX333 digital recorder

The device picks up my voice very well and also has the option of connecting a microphone.  I found that the earphones and earbuds for my Smart Phone did not work.  A quick trip to my local Office Depot and a helpful attended pointed me to headphones meant to be used with this type of device. I can’t say I’m  SSI will with the headphone for the Sony recorder as I am for the one I use with Dragon Dictate but, it’s nice to know it’s available for example while driving or taking walks.

So that’s my main set up. Love it or not that’s what I got, so outside of the occasional moments of grumbling,  it’s worked quite well for me. So far I’ve been able to exceed my 1667 wd/day word count.

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you a book that help me put all this together. Until then, happy writing and happy dictating.

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