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Nanowrimo 2015 – Day 19 Dictation show and tell

I’m still working out the bugs of my dictation set up,  but I can at least show you my toolbox. Dragon for the Macintosh OS version 5 is my go-to dictation program. Created by Nuance, the Macintosh version has some significant differences from the original PC versions. Still, it is head and shoulders above the built-in Mac OS dictate application and gets better the more you use it. I bought mine directly from Nuance for $149.   For instance, yesterday’s blog I used the built-in…

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Nanowrimo 2015 – Day 18 – A Wrist Fracture as Midpoint Obstacle and My Dance with the Dragon

No sooner had I written about resistance yesterday, then I slipped on the wet bathroom floor and fractured my right wrist. Yikes! This is going to be a tough hurdle to overcome. A six-in-the-morning ER visit, a revealing x-ray, a failed attempt at work and an afternoon visit with my primary doctor later, and I was splinted, medicated and swiftly contemplating how to meet my word count with a non-functioning right hand. While limited, I had some fairly good possibilities. Fortunately, I had everything I…

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Nanowrimo Writing

Nanowrimo 2015-Day 7— First Draft Is Victory

“Every first draft is perfect, because all a first draft has to do is exist”—Jane Smiley Thank you, Jane Smiley. What an awesome way to look at a first draft. I met Jane Smiley at the 2014 Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference when I arrived for the opening banquet late and sat at her dinner table. She is as gratuitous,  generous and funny as she is prolific. Later during her keynote address she read from her novel, Some Luck. I couldn’t help cringe for her at the…

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Urban Radish—Getting Your Foodie On in DTLA

Urban Radish is a family-owned, locally sourced market in the downtown Los Angeles Arts District near the Toy and Breadbasket Lofts. The vibe feels like a Whole Foods shrunk down to fit in a Farmer’s Market.  Lush with produce, wine, flowers and a well-stocked cheese and cured meat counter the market is also an eating destination. They will prepare your breakfast, lunch or dinner and you can pop a cork and sip while shopping. Parking for the 21st Century At least eight EV Chargers line…

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