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NaNoWriMo 2015 – Day 5

 Chilling—Nanowrimo Style—On A Cold Los Angeles Morning My feet are icy. My metal laptop’s cold. My chihuahua’s shaking. Well, anyone that has a chihuahua knows this is a meaningless observation on which to base the temperature perceptions of any other sentient mammals. Chihuahua’s always shake—cold or not. I woke and immediately noticed the chill.  A rare Los Angeleno, I love cold weather. I love that it signals a change of seasons. I love the sense of accomplishment from braving the elements and the soothing reward…

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Bridges Of Los Angeles County

Not known as a city with flowing waterways Los Angeles, none the less boasts a number of bridges. Some are featured in numerous movies, music videos and iconic photo shoots. Some are just infamous. Some are private and some quite prominent. Most are old and carry Los Angeles history in their mortar. Some sites I’ll be visiting are: San Pedro: Culver city Venice Long beach Downtown    

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Why The Search?

I moved home, to Los Angeles, to be near family and loved ones. San Francisco, my adopted hometown, can never be replaced in beauty and calming temperament. Still, LA claimed me at birth and I was bound by blood to return to people I couldn’t stand to be away from for one more year. Given the choice between people and things, or a place, I will always choose people. The good news, I found a job I love. The bad news? How about traffic for…

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LA Map

Search for Beauty in LA

Los Angeles Is it the weather? It certainly isn’t affordable housing, air quality, traffic, earthquakes or even a unifying culture. So what is it? What kept over 3.7 million people in the second largest city in the U.S.?raff My excuse was family. In 1987, I left for grad school at UC Berkeley. I returned in 2008 to an unexpected shock. I didn’t know the streets, the landmarks, the buildings, or the safe neighborhoods from bad. I didn’t know what “a great deal” for real estate…

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