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Santa Barbara Beach

The Crazy Age-Related Physics of Place and Time

Ever notice how with age time moves faster and places seem smaller? Christmas vacation lasted good long time. Summer vacation was forever. Disneyland was a vast nation only explorable in multiple days. Four decades later, the moments zip by like feathers in the wind. I remember being a little one, looking up at the big kids (teenagers) and wanting so desperately to be one. They seemed so cool and so wise. They got to do things on their own, and those things seemed to involve having…

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“I just had a conversation with my  best friend” What comes to mind? A leisurely oceanside brunch? A heart-to-heart while strolling in the park? A lengthy argument on the phone? A text message? If you said the latter you are amoung the millions of people who have substituted a written transfer of words via mobile device for human contact. Sometimes I wonder how this is working out for us.  

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Cool Fire

What is it about a flame? Touch it and you get burned.  We know it’s true because we’ve tried, and learned. It hurts. Yet we pull close. Mesmerized. Entranced.    

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