Urban Radish—Getting Your Foodie On in DTLA

Urban Radish is a family-owned, locally sourced market in the downtown Los Angeles Arts District near the Toy and Breadbasket Lofts. The vibe feels like a Whole Foods shrunk down to fit in a Farmer’s Market.  Lush with produce, wine, flowers and a well-stocked cheese and cured meat counter the market is also an eating destination. They will prepare your breakfast, lunch or dinner and you can pop a cork and sip while shopping.

Parking for the 21st Century

At least eight EV Chargers line the parking lot. The cars were electric BMWs, Teslas, Smart Cars and Nissan Leafs, plus a couple plug-in hybrid Chevy Volts. The only gas car I saw was a VW Passat. And I think that was a turbo.

Clearly the people that lived here and shop here have enough disposable income to afford environmentally conscious cars, and the establishment welcomed them. I’m not hating. I drive a Volt.

Urbane Shopping and Dining

The entry patio has ample seating decorated with vertical herb garden planted in tall white tubular structures. The herbs, multiple varieties of basil, are sold inside. Talk about fresh. You may even see the chef standing over the outside grill cooking someone’s order. Every Wednesday at 6 pm you can enjoy Jazz on the Patio.

Urban Radish Patio
Urban Radish Patio

I tried the Massaged Kale Salad and Egg Salad. It was so wonderful, I drove through a week later to grab more to share with a friend at work. The shelves and refrigerators stock a substantial selection of gluten-free and non-dairy based products.


The inside screams organic, trendy and, yes, pricey; in other words Arts District  DTLA. To be fair, this is not a chain store.  Kudos to the Aivazis Family for investing in this community. Downtown Los Angelenos didn’t have many options for groceries, let alone of this quality until the store’s 2013 opening.

Urban Radish Interior
Urban Radish Interior

They are located at 661 Imperial Street near Jessie just west of San Mateo. Doors are open every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Check them out the next time you’re rolling past the Seventh or Fourth Street Bridges. You can even order a meal in advance online. Maybe I’ll see you some Wednesday for Jazz.

Urban Radish

661 Imperial Street

Los Angeles, CA 90021




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